Saturday, April 4, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge : By The Numbers

Chocolate Yummy Numbers
Gassy Numbers

Numbers I wish I knew!
This weeks Round Robin Challenge was a suggestion by Jill at South Bay Soliloquy...By The Numbers. I am off to see what the other Robins found:)


  1. Don't we all wish we knew those numbers for the last photo! Good entry and is it ever good to see gas prices down from where they were!


  2. It's strange seeing gas prices in gallons ... our are by litres.

    I played too :)

  3. HI!
    One of my favorite places to shop is your number 2 photo and love the price of gas being down! Have a great day!!


  4. Great shots!!!

    marina@visual chronicle

  5. Wish I knew those numbers, too. Great ideas for the challenge!

  6. I want those power ball numbers, too!!!
    Mmmm... and now I want a candy bar.
    Thanks for playing. This is a good variety.

  7. It's way past midnight in Hong Kong but I'm now craving for a chocolate bar. Thanks for sharing these nice, colorful pics.

    I value your comment as well. Drop by please.

  8. Hi Connie

    Jeepers, it's been a million years since we had gas prices that low! Neat photos! Perfect for this challenge.


  9. Great photos! I do love king size chocolate bars too!

  10. Great shots of things that are very desirable! Would also love to know the powerball numbers. Our gas isn't a lot above your price, and it's nice to not be paying so much. Candy is out for this diabetic but I can wish!

  11. Great photos! I love them all!!! I especially love the juxtaposition of the "general store" to the chain-linked store front. so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments of support. Much appreciated!! :)

  12. I want one of the little pigs. I have always wanted a pig. But I know I am supposed to be commenting on numbers...those were nice too, but I love the piggies.

  13. So sorry I'm so late in getting around to our Numbers challenge. My modem died on Saturday and then the weekend just got more and more bizarre! I'm happy to be able to visit today and see all the fun number shots. Enjoy your week!


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