Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Words: Traveling Wall

Patriotism is easy to understand in America - it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country.  ~Calvin Coolidge

The Vietnam Traveling Wall visited our area last summer.  58, 260 names are on this 80% replica of The Vietnam Memorial.   I hope someday to visit the real one, it must be very impressive.  Thank you seems like so little to say, yet it means so much to our Veterans.   More Wednesday Words can be found at Muddy Boot Dreams:


  1. A solemn reminder of how many have lives have been lost. God bless our troops. Thank you for sharing this photo. I have not seen it or the real one before.

  2. All veterans and soldiers are heroes and need to be remembered and honored all year long.

  3. We visited the wall two years ago and it was a very humbling experience. Our grandsons were with us and I hope they learned something from it. I wanted it to make a lasting impression on them.

  4. i really like the composition of the flags in this photo :)

  5. Beautiful post. I had no idea there was a traveling wall. What a great idea to bring it to folks who might never get to go to Wash DC and see the real one.

    We went over 5 years ago and I was deeply moved. I was even more touched by those who stood or kneeled and cried as they touched the wall and their loved ones' names on the wall, those who had been killed. Put a much more personal feel to that great slab of granite.


  6. What a great tribute! The wall is here in Florida now. I haven't been able to get over to see it yet though. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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