Monday, February 22, 2010

Macro Monday: Crabapples

These are Crabapples, they are smaller than a golf ball and you can pickle them or cook them up and strain off the juice and make Crabapple Jelly.  These were in my daughters back yard in August of 2009.  Ed suggested that we start off a fruity Sunday Stills week with a fruity macro..good thing I could go to my archives! Check out what everyone else came up with here:)


  1. These are gorgeous! Aeesome capture..looks deliscious too!

  2. We had a tree like this out by the well where I pumped and carried the drinking water into the house everyday, rain or shine. It grew to be a beautiful tree. I like the red of crabapples.

  3. Great shot, beautiful color. :)

  4. Great shot. Are you going to make jelly from them. :)


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