Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stills: Transitions

The challenge this week was transitions.

Minnesota is going from winter straight into summer with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s almost unheard of for March.

Transitions at Shell Lake

One of my favorite places is Shell Lake.  The ice is melting there.

Quite by accident when I was out and about on Saturday there was some fog happening at Long Lake.

Transition Geese and Fog

This is called advection fog.  It is the horizontal movement of warm moist air over a cold surface.  I thought it was way cool.Transition from water to ice

I even caught the Canada Geese in in the water and one on the ice. Have a great week everyone:)


  1. Haunting, lovely, wonderful photos! Love your header too,

  2. Very lovely. That bottom is the epitome of 'transition'. Well done!

  3. I love these......great to water to fog, the return of geese......winter to spring.......GREAT JOB CONNIE!!!

  4. Like Linda said. well done- I especially like the last photo.

  5. The fog makes the birth photos so dreamy! Love it!

  6. Lovely meditative photos. Advection is a new word for me -- probably not a very useful one for in Florida where we are, but I bet I've seen it in Oregon. Maybe (it isn't quite as chilly there as where you are). Thank you for the nice photos -- great sense of place . Glad I found you on the weekly challenge.

  7. All beautiful transition photos! My fav is the middle one. Never knew this type of fog was called Advection.

  8. great combination of aspects in frame, i loved the header pic a lot. Keep it up.

  9. Love your header! Also loved all of your photos!



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