Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Stills: Blue

The challenge this week was blue.  I got one acceptable Bluebird shot..this is a female.


My Centaurea  montana is blooming. Perennial Bachelor’s Button or sometimes it is called a Mountain Bluet.

Blue Flower

This one looks more blue than purple. Have a good week everyone:)


  1. Great shots, especially the Bachelors Button.:-)

  2. a bachelor will look very handsome

  3. My Mountain Bluet is just starting to flower...I LOVE IT! This is my first year for it and I'm so happy!

    Your photos are amazing...(delighted sigh)....I love the little girl Bluebird....what an neat photo. I'm not very good a shooting birds. By the time I get the camera ready they have flew on.


  4. Both photos are wonderful. I drove by a house near the school where I work and they had a whole garden spot full of bachelor buttons, already blooming. I was just thinking I should plant some but I guess it is too late. I really like the blue you camera picked up on the flower.

  5. Very pretty blues, Connie!

  6. Both very stunning photos - the bachelor's button is positively perfect and gorgeous!! :)

  7. That is a fabulous flower! Good shot too.


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