Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday Stills: Sports

Well there isn’t much happening here in the sometimes we have to come up with our own Olympic Style Events!

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was sports in honor of the Olympics.

Of course Chance wanted to be involved in a event..Which ball will the Border Collie play with next??

Play some ball


Then there is the wildly popular which goat can reach higher event!

Goat Olympics

Hey in my opinion watching Tennis as an Olympic event is about as boring as watching paint dry!

I am adding a not so great photo this and goats making their own games.


The poor goat looks headless..but you can see how happy the girls are!  I should have taken more time getting the perfect shot..but the goat was so fast and the girls were running all over.  Have a great week everyone:)


  1. Great shots, love the synchronized goat nibbling..:-))

  2. Delightful shots! I was wishing this happened a couple of weeks from now so I could get to a local sheepdog trial for some pics. now there's a great sport. lol

  3. Great shots. Love Chance with all his balls, and the syncronized goats.

  4. Loved the goat event!! :)

  5. Good ones, especially the synchronized goats!

  6. The soccer ball is what Notshy would pick......a cat chase would be her idea of a sporting event too ;) Love the synchronized eating too.

  7. Goat event was too good. I've seen Deers do the same. :D

  8. :) its really funny shot as if the girls pulling the headless goat

  9. Loved your take on this challenge.I enjoy seeing Chance....every chance I get:)I'm with you on how boring watching Tennis is. Just my opinion but I find almost all of the events boring some of it more than others.

  10. Great pics, and active girls and goats are a challenge!


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