Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Stills: Summertime

The challenge this week was summertime.

I purchased a new camera this week.  It is a Canon Rebel T4i.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has this same camera.  My daughter bought hers a few weeks ago..and I was impressed with her photos.

So today was Day One with the new camera.  Here is summer!

Zinnia August 12

Missy  August 12

The whole neighborhood went to the ballpark tonight.  They play with soft balls because the little kids play too.  This is Missy getting ready to pitch.

I am not so sure about the newfangled camera. Different lenses and lens caps and ISO and aperture.. I will have to practice a long time. 

Have a good week everyone:)


  1. Neat shots, all I can say is practice,practice, practice. Read the manual and then take tons of pics and learn the settings. Try setting the camera to aperature mode with an ISO of 400 and the F: 4.6 as a basic setting then go from there. If you have any Q's just ask....enjoy your new camera..:-)

  2. Just think of all of the fun you'll have learning your new camera. I'm with Ed, take it off of auto and experiment (read the manual too). I take a folding quick guide for my Nikon camera with me everywhere. It comes in handy. Nice summertime photos by the way. Regular Guy

  3. Have fun with that new camera. I too find new things intimidating, but ask Ed says...practice makes perfect. :)

  4. What you have taken so far looks really good!


  5. From the looks of that zinnia, I'd say you've got a pretty good head start on learning that new camera.

    Sallie (I wasn't able to add my linkk to Sunday Stills, as it wouldn't take my comment)


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