Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Stills: Green

The Sunday Stills challenge this week is green.  I suppose some of you have green grass or green buds..not so much in Minnesota.

Here is the green at my house.

The overhang by the front door

The roof is green steel..the snow slides off.

the Sauna is green

The sauna is painted green.

Green grate

Chance posed by the green grate in the walkway.  Our soil is sandy..the grate catches some of the sand.

Green grate by the door

This is the last defense against the sand. Just so you know Border Collies always wipe their feet off on the grate before they run willy nilly into the house.  Have a great week everyone:)


  1. At least we're done with the snow, but otherwise we have it much like you. Love the one of Chance sitting in the walkway. :-)

  2. Well of course....

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  3. Your home is beautiful. Chance is handsome as always!
    No luck at all househunting this weekend. It is like every door slams shut in our face. We'll keep on trying.

  4. Nice Greens..always like seeing Chance.

  5. Border collies can always be relied upon to help maintain order:)

  6. Beautiful shots, and really loved that combination Sauna n Snow, pheww!! Sad to see those woods taken for home (may b am a tree lover) :)

  7. Great shots, looks more like spring up there than it does in Illinois today..:-)

  8. Barney knows that he has been so muddied that he stops on the carpet inside the kitchen door and awaits his treatment. I actually get him warm buckets of water and rinse his legs and paws down on the back steps. It is worth the fun for him to get saturated in mud as the washup really doesn't bother him.

  9. See I knew you had green around SOMEwhere you could see!

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  11. Border Collies are just polite and well-mannered like that!


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