Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Stills: Historic Sites or Markers

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was historic sites or markers.  I work in a historic building that was completed in 1900.  It used to be the County Courthouse, now it houses the Hubbard County Historical Museum.  I am the Director of the museum.



Chance is the official greeter.

Chance at the museum


When I say we had bats in our belfry (attic) it was no joke.

The Bat Man at work

We hired a guy with the business name of The Batman to rid us of our bats.   He sealed all of the openings with special tubes so once they left the building they could not return..they would have to find a new home with friends and neighbors!

I work at the museum from May 1 to to the last day in September.  The rest of the year I work from home.  The museum even though it is a historical building does not have heat or air conditioning nor is it handicap accessible.


The museum is in the basement and on the first level.  The fancy smancy Art Museum is upstairs..they have air conditioning.

Museum Jan 7

See that window to the right of the main door with the butterflies?  That is my office..I am there most days during the summer. All of these photograph are from my archives.  I had a really busy week at the museum and no time to take photos.  Have a good week everyone:)


  1. It is a pretty building, but it always makes me angry that you don't have hvac/handicap accessibility.

  2. I love the old buildings, but not having handicap access is frustrating for people like me.

  3. Very cool, looks like this challenge was right up your alley..:-))

  4. Sorry they can't afford to spring for A/C for your area! Could you use some of Batman's tube to direct
    cool air downward?


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