Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Stills: In your hand

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was  to photograph something in your hand.
Merry Christmas Pink
This is one of my newest old ornaments.
Silent Night in your hand
Another of my favorite ornaments.  I collect antique ornaments that are called Shiny Brites.  I have a ten foot tall tree upstairs that is their Christmas home.
Have a great week everyoneSmile


  1. i remember those types of ornaments.... the cat liked to knock them off the tree and break them..;-)

    1. Good thing I don't have a cat..only a dog with a bushy tail:)

  2. Beautiful photos. I saw a tutorial recently on a Shiny Brite wreath.

  3. That is a classic beauty. We hung some oldies along with our new ornaments. I have to take time to look at the hook at the top to see how old that it is. Nice job on the photo of handful of shiny brite.

  4. Perfect contributions!!!! I love your shiny brights and I had boxes of them for years, not sure I have any of them any longer sad to say. Didn't realize what a treasure they were till I met you.


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