Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February 2015 Photos

These are my best February photos.




Odda one of Chance’s friends

Wild Turkeys (2)

Wild Turkeys

I am getting some practice with people.  My niece asked me to take photos of her girls.

Hailey, Olivia, Brooke and Ava (2)

Hailey  copy (2)




They are a fun group and I had a blast photographing them!

January 2015 Photos

These are the best of my January Photos.

Sundogs at Sunset Jan 9 2015

Sundogs at sunset

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Trumpeter Swans on the River Jan 2015

Trumpeter Swans on the river

Turkey in flight Jan 27 2015

Turkeys can fly…here is the proof.

As you can tell from the photos we had very little snow in January.

December Photos

These are the best of my December Photos.

December Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle a bit frosty

IMG_5499 (2)

A neighbors barn all ready for Christmas

Chance December


IMG_4918 (2)

Granddaughter Paige

IMG_4988 (3)

Granddaughter Maddie

Todd and Emily and girls

My cousin and his gals

Emily and Todd

My cousin and his wife.  We had a great photo shoot out in the field and then over in Edie and Carl’s trees!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

November Photos

Bethany Wedding two

We attended our nieces wedding in Indiana.

Bethany Wedding


Gene and Janice (2)

My husband and his sister

Deacon Madisons puppy

Madison’s puppy Deacon

Snow November 5

November 5  Chance in the snow

October Photos

Time to catch up with some of my photos before the end of the year!

Bay lake October

Bay Lake

Ashleys hill (2) October

Ashley’s Hill…the Tamarack Trees are vibrant in the last rays of sunshine before dark.

Chance October 1 (2)


Immature Bald Eagle October

Immature Bald Eagle

Smoky Hills Oct 25 (2)

Smoky Hills in October

October Stearns Farm

Stearns Farm  October

Sunday, November 9, 2014

September Photos

Here are a few of my favorite September Photos.

Beautiful leaves Sept

Colorful leaves

Nilsons Barn Sept 2  2014

The neighbors barn

Evening Sky Sept 30

September skies

Supermoon one (2) September 8

The Supermoon on September 8, 2014

September Tree

Colorful tree


Layers of color

That’s all for September Smile

August Photos

These are some of my best photos in August of 2014

Blazing Star August

Blazing Star and a Monarch Butterfly

Hydrangea August


Pow Wow August

Pow Wow

Putz August

Putz and his blue eyes

Archie and gene August 23

My husband and his Uncle Archie changing out the Air Force Flag on Bunker Hill.

August deer

Doe and fawn

Sunset in the grain field (3) August


That’s it for August.