Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Stills : Landscapes

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was landscapes. I took all of these photographs on Friday, March 27. All these areas are within a mile or two of where we live. Shell River looking west.Shell River looking east. The road through the woods, yes we still have snow..:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #30: Things That Float

Carly wanted us to photograph things that were floating. I found a few this week. It was a watery kind of week.
Ice chunks floating on the Shell River on Friday, March 27.
Some boats floating with the high water on Monday, March 23.

Some foam floating on the Shell River today, March 27.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot : Winter meets Spring

Winter meets Spring..that is a good thought! I took this photo on March 17, 2009. Shell River is flowing out of Shell Lake. The ice is melting..I say Yahoo! Bring on Spring..faster please! Thanks to Carly over at Ellipsis for hosting this challenge. You should be able to click on the photo to enlarge it! :)

Sunday Stills : Lines

Far Guy hates it when I holler "Stop" ..but he always does.

Lot of lines here on the corner..this one is my favorite because it has so many lines!

The neighbors cornfield.

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was lines. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge : The Old Place

I will show you two old places. The first is the Farmstead where I grew up. It looks different now, but the barn is still the same. I took this from a distance..because I also wanted you to see the Smoky Hills in the background. A very familiar view I enjoyed as a child, I moved to this farm with my parents when I was one year old in 1952. It is just two miles from where we live now. I hope that you can enlarge it, by clicking on it. I have found that blogger is fussy..if you move a will not enlarge it.

This photograph is of the old grocery store that we used to shop at in the 1950's when candy bars were still a nickel. I am off to see what the other Robins came up with for their old place:)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A-Z Photo Challenge :X

X.. that was really hard! Luckily one day last Fall I found an X..apparently X marks this spot!Martha at Menagerie hosts this challenge! :)

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge: Mailboxes

This is my entry for The Bloggers Community Photo Challenge. A mailbox! A Minnesota Mailbox..just down the road a bit:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Stills : Water and Self Portrait

We had some water in the yard yesterday, it was 40 degrees so we had some snow melt. Check out other water photos at Sunday Stills!

Chance got a chance to get his feet wet, and muddy and wet..AND... So y'all will not think of me as a Party Pooper last week, when I missed the Self Portrait Challenge, when my hard drive is my "pot shot" at least I am smiling! I have a very old antique mirror in the bathroom..I had to position myself between the spots and take this photo..what a pain in the butt..this is probably the last photo you will ever see of me. I like to take photographs..not be IN them:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Round Robin Challenge: The Color Purple

Purple the color of royalty! This was Vicki's idea, you can check out her blog at Maraca. you all know I love flowers..the challenge for me..was searching my archives for the correct color purple! Purple varies so very much..and it is not an easy color to photograph. I had pinky purples, violet purples, reddish purples..but tried to stick with the color of royalty!This is some type of Wildflower in the bellflower family..not sure which just appeared one day!

Pansy Purple Rain..a lovely trailing pansy that will fill a bucket in no time at all! Last Fall I took some photos in the shade..low and behold these Maple leaves looked purple! A purple slide..see there..I can photograph other things besides flowers and trees! Now I am off to see what purple things the other Robins have found:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A -Z Photo Challenge : W is for Winter Wagon Wheels

This Winter photo was taken in April of 2008.. yes it can and will still snow here in April. Thanks Martha for hosting this challenge! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Stills : Motion

Ed at Sunday Stills said "Show me some motion in your photos." Here are my best shots. Chance going after a snowball! He loves trying to catch them! February 26, 2009

He finally got one!

He also "helps" Far Guy shovel snow. He "helps" by catching snow. I actually got the snow in the air! December 2008 photo.

This was a photo taken in December of 2008, our Granddaughter plays Hockey. She is number thirteen, the gal with the fast moving fuzzy feet:)