Friday, March 6, 2009

A -Z Photo Challenge : W is for Winter Wagon Wheels

This Winter photo was taken in April of 2008.. yes it can and will still snow here in April. Thanks Martha for hosting this challenge! :)


  1. Great photo! I just hope we saw the last of this white stuff on Monday - today it hit the 50s and Sunday they are talking 70s! Monday it was 8 inches of snow and in the teens. This is so crazy.

    I love the composition of this picture!

  2. I love this photo, I can just feel how quiet it would be with all the snow. Great shot! :)

  3. Hi Connie! Neat shot :-)
    I know I've been out of the blog scene lately but I'll be back sooner or later. I miss everyone too much to stay away for too long!

  4. It's snowing here right now, darn. Love the shot. hope we don't get that much.

  5. Beautiful photo. Came here by way of Martha. We have a lot of wagon wheels here in south texas but none of that pretty snow.

  6. Beautiful photo and choice for the challenge...
    Have a great weekend! :)


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