Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge : The Old Place

I will show you two old places. The first is the Farmstead where I grew up. It looks different now, but the barn is still the same. I took this from a distance..because I also wanted you to see the Smoky Hills in the background. A very familiar view I enjoyed as a child, I moved to this farm with my parents when I was one year old in 1952. It is just two miles from where we live now. I hope that you can enlarge it, by clicking on it. I have found that blogger is fussy..if you move a will not enlarge it.

This photograph is of the old grocery store that we used to shop at in the 1950's when candy bars were still a nickel. I am off to see what the other Robins came up with for their old place:)


  1. Thanks for sharing the memories!

    I played too :)

  2. Hi!
    Beautiful old farm!! That's when they knew how to build a good house to stand the test of time! Have a great day!!


  3. Thanks for sharing, is that snow on the ground?

    This old farm must have lots of history, good times, old name it.

    Great pics. I value your input too, please visit my blog as well.

    All the best from Hong Kong.

  4. Hi Connie :)

    Oh brrrr... it's still snowing in your neck of the woods! It's supposed to snow here in the Bay Area, well, that groundhog did see his shadow... right? Anyway, it's lovely to see an area so personal to you, the place where you grew up. It's so big, I bet it was nice. I loved seeing the old grocery store. I remember candy bars for a dime, but that was the late 60's/early 70's. They were bigger then too. Oh my, everything has changed since then. LOL. Here's to Old Places and Old Times.

    Always, Carly

  5. I liked your pictures -- I think it's neat the way they brought back memories for you. There's a little corner grocery store in my home town that also brings back memories of nickel candy. I saw it a year ago January when I was there for a family funeral. I didn't go in it, though -- there wasn't time.

  6. You are dating yourself. Candy bars were only 7 cents when I was a kid. And then suddenly they went all the way up to a dime.....


  7. I remember when candy bars were a dine. I love it that you stayed close to home. Family is so important!

  8. I enlarged the farm pic, what a fun place to grow up... I'm sure there was lots of exploring to do there. And I think it's always sad when a building dies... you can just imagine when it was a bustling with customers in a slower era. Wonderful photos.

  9. BTW, I really like your header on this blog. The old truck and the Texaco sign are really cool. Did you make your header in Photoshop and then drag it in here?


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