Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photos for a Calendar

I need some help picking some photos to enter into a contest that our local electrical coop is having for their 2015 calendar.
Since it is an electrical coop calendar I have included quite a few shots of power lines.  The contest rules are a horizontal photo with no people and the photo must be taken within their service area.
Please leave me a comment with your choices to help me narrow it down.
I would like to enter ten photos for sure…there is no limit to the number of photos you can submit.
#1 Cornfield Fawn
Corn Field Fawn (3)
#2  Five Deer   This one was chosen!!
Deer in the field five (2)
#3 Early spring trees budding out at sunset
IMG_8908 (2)
#4 Power Pole
Power pole (2)
#5 The road home
The Road home (2)
#6 Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow (2)
#7 Double Rainbow and the road This one was chosen for the Front Cover!!
IMG_0365 (2)
#8 Sunset on the prairie in winter
Sunset on the prairie April 9 (2)
#9 Turkeys in the snow
Turkeys in the snow October 20 2013 (2)
#10 Power Poles along the road home
April 2013
#11 Chance on a frosty morning
Chance and a Frosty Morning February (2)
#12 Mississippi Headwaters
IMG_6553 (2)
#13 Snow Drifts
Snow bank (2)
#14 Turkeys in the corn
Turkeys in the corn three (2)
#15 Great Blue Heron on Fish Hook Lake
Great Blue heron on Fish Hook Lake (2)
#16 Dock on Bad medicine
Dock on Bad Medicine (3)
#17 Colorful Chairs
IMG_5419 (2)
#18 Fall Color
Fall colors on hwy 34 (2)
#19 Green Valley Fire
Green Valley Fire May 14 2013
#20 Turkeys in the hayfield
IMG_3526 (2)
#21 Red Barn and Twin Silos
IMG_4031 (2)
#22 Road Home sunset colors
IMG_4910 (2)
#23 Sunset
IMG_4147 (2)
#24 Sunflower Field  This one was chosen! 
IMG_6180 (2)
#25 Sunflowers and Sky
IMG_6335 (2)
#26 Early spring field
#27 Sunset on Shell River
Sunset on Shell River in May
#28 Geese on Long Lake
Long Lake Fog March 17 (2)
#29 Showy Lady Slippers
Lady Slippers and Peeking Bug (2)
#30 Smoky Hills
Smoky Hills September 18 (2)
Ack that is a bunch of photos.  I will have a hard time deciding…help me please.