Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Stills: Your Best Shots 2012

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was to show your best shots for 2012.  I will do mine by the month.


Lee's Funeral In January

  WWII Soldier laid to rest.


Chance and a Frosty Morning February

Chance and a frosty morning


Long Lake Fog March 17 (2)

Canada Geese on the ice at Long Lake


Late April Snow

A late April snowstorm


Patriot Guard Riders May 2012

Patriot Guard at a dedication service for a Congressional Medal of Honor soldier Lloyd Cortez Hawks


Climbing Roses in June

Climbing roses


The Amish July 2012

Minnesota Amish

New Camera..


Bees on the Phlox August

Bee on Tall Garden Phlox


Light Painting September

Light painting


Gooseberry Falls (2)

Gooseberry Falls along the North Shore in Minnesota


Chance November in Indiana

Chance on a foggy morning in Indiana


Tree at the end of the Drive December 2012 (2)

Tree at the end of the driveway.


I had a really hard time choosing my favorites ..I am not certain which one is my very favorite one from this year.  Which one do you like the best? :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday Stills: Holiday Lights and Decorations.

The Sunday Stills Challenge for last week was Holiday Lights and Decorations.

I am a little was a busy week.

Green Lights at Wadena

Lights at Wadena

We went down to Wadena Minnesota one evening to watch a light display at a house.  It was very difficult to photograph as the lights were flashing on and off and changing colors.  This is my best shot.


I collect Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments.

Chance and the Shiny Brite Tree

The tree may look like it has lights..but it doesn’t..they are all Shiny Brites! :)

Shiny Brites

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Stills: Pets

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was pets.  Well at this house that means some serious Border Collie time.

Chance posing

Sometimes he gets real bored with me.

What do you mean ears up

“What do you mean ears up and no frowning..who is frowning?”


“Yes I can smile!”

He loves the snow.

Chance Black and White

Chance is eight years old.  On December 26..he will have been with us eight years.  He is a wonderful companion and buddy.  In his old age..he is more insistent that he be fed exactly at 6PM and the mail must be picked up every morning at 10AM..and he doesn’t understand Sunday and why the mail isn’t there.  He has a schedule..and we are on Border Collie time:)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Stills: Textures

The Sunday Stills challenge this week was textures. 

Christmas Ornament Texture


Texture Soft Focus

Hope you all have a great week! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Stills: Luck and Catching Up!

The challenge this week was Luck.   I am not very lucky.  Well I am..but I didn’t win the lottery.    If it had been summer I would have looked for a four leaf I consider them lucky.  Four leaf clovers and rainbows.

Rainbow July 26

Rainbow July 26 2012

Now to catch up!  I did take photos for the last few challenges I just never found the time to post them.

Black and White Animals

Chance Black and White

Of course that would be Chance!


Snack at Hubers

A plate of cheese, fruit and crackers at Huber’s Winery in Starlight Indiana:)

Wine cork

The cork that was in the bottle of wine that went with the snack!

Hubers Winery

The wine was wonderful..we enjoyed music and a relaxing visit with relatives on the outdoor patio:) :)

Yes, I was on vacation for a little don’t last nearly long enough.  I had a wonderful time in rural Indiana and in Louisville Kentucky taking photos!




There were still a few leaves changing color in Indiana.

I am back now and I hope to be able to join in on the challenges once again:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Stills: Lets Take A Closer Look

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was to take a closer look.


Asters..not sure which one…possibly a Smooth Aster.

Geranium Bud

Take a look at this Geranium bud..this is what I love about macro photography..the ability to get such great detail!

Sedum and a Hornet

Sedum and some kind of Hornet or Wasp.

Almost everything is brown here now.


Have a good week everyone:)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Stills: Happy Halloween!

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was to shoot something with a Halloween theme.

Chance was available..all these photos were taken on Saturday October 27 2012.

Chance was my model..sometimes a not so patient model.  Chance could you open your eyes?? P.L.E.A.S.E.

Chance could you open your eyes you have treats for the bucket?  It is Trick or Treat after all.

Maybe do you have treats

Now that is better….a little something for my time.

Thats better

Are you ready??  Hurry up or you will miss the shot!  Trick or Treat!!

Happy Halloween from Chance

Happy Halloween everyone!  We will get ten Trick or Treaters out here in the boonies of Minnesota..all relatives who live in the neighborhood:)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Stills:Inspiration For Photography

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was to show something that inspires your photography.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.  Okay..but first I must tell you..I recently enjoyed a weekend away to immerse myself in photography..get a few lessons and practice, practice, practice..these photos are the result. They are my inspiration to become a better photographer.

Sunrise on Superior three Sunrise at Temperance River State Park on Lake Superior.


Wave at Sunrise Two

Catching a wave at sunrise!

Sunrise on Lake Superior four


jen on Lake Superior

My daughter Jen..photographer in action.


North Shore Inspiration Three

North Shore Inspiration


Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

Trail along the Temperance River

Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry Falls

Enger Tower Duluth

Enger Tower

Duluth at Night

Duluth at night

Fall Landscape

Duluth from Hawk Ridge

While were were at Hawk Ridge a newly banded Sharp-shinned Hawk was up for adoption.  My daughter Jen adopted the small hawk and set it free.  This last shot was one of my favorites from the whole weekend.

Jen releasing Sharp Shinned Hawk Oct 7 2012


Have a good week everyone:)