Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Words: Long Walks

This was taken last week, before it snowed!  All our snow has now melted!! It looks like Fall again instead of Winter.  I would like to tell Winter to take a hike!  Thanks Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams for hosting Wednesday Words:)


  1. OK, that quote really got a good laugh out of me. Funny.

    And very quotable.

    Great fall shot.


  2. Very pretty. Looks like a nice place for a drive.

  3. Boy, I wished three different people would have been out on a walk, rather than coming to my door to take up my time. Fortunately, two of them came within the same half hour. But the surprise one this afternoon, was snooping through our house looking at the birds, and bothering the dogs. Of course I hadn't got the birdseed swept up for the day off of the floor so we looked very untidy. I will have to remember -go take a walk lady.....

  4. Love the colours peeking out from the foliage.

    And that quote is hilarious!


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