Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Shots Part One

The Sunday Stills Challenge next Sunday is your best shot of 2010.  To help me get to the challenge I have been going through all my photo archives and picking my favorite shot each is really hard to do.

IMG_9899“Getting The Mail”  January 30, 2010

Turkeys in the corn three

“Turkeys In The Corn”  February 06, 2010


“Spring Melt”  March 11, 2010

Fire in Ponsford Hunter April 2010

“Fireman”  April 06, 2010

May 30 2010

“Avenue of Flags”  May 30, 2010

Lady Slippers and Peeking Bug June 13 2010

“Minnesota’s State Flower, the Showy Ladys Slipper”  June 13, 2010

Stay tuned for part two:)


  1. It's hard to pick a favorite out of these you posted today, let alone a year of your great photos! Welcoming a snow storm - can stay snuggled inside! Have a great day, jo

  2. Wow! Tough job you've got in store. My two favorite are the last two. Though I like them all for different reasons.
    Looks like I need to stop procrastinating and go through my photos for Sunday Stills, too. eeep!


  3. They're all great but I love the avenue of flags the best.

  4. What an impossible challenge. All of your photos are perfect. It would be a hopeless task picking just one.

  5. They are all great. I guess it depends on them mood that you are in when you decide what you like best. I have always found Lady Slippers magical and I don't think I have ever seen the turkey one before. I saw a few dozen eating in a corn field yesterday on my way to southern Iowa.

  6. Terrific photos Connie. I can't even choose a fav among these. Best wishes.

  7. All the photos are great; however, my favorite is "Getting the Mail." It brings back memories of snow that squeaks and crunches in the still air.

  8. Very nice, I can't wait to see the rest. I'm having a hard time picking mine too..:-)

  9. Very nice, but my pick is the the one of the turkeys in the snow. This would make a great painting. :)


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