Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge: White


White Photo

I took this in the yard today..the Big Bluestem in the yard has succumbed to the snow. This is my entry for the Bloggers Community Photo Challenge:)


  1. Interesting photo - I feel sorry for your plant. That sure is a lot of snow.

  2. Lovely white image, Connie.
    Today, here in NY, we have more of the white stuff...will try to get some shots today. ;))
    Glad you joined in!

  3. wonderful shot! i took one like this last week and thought how much it reminded me of the grasses in the sand at the beach. :)

  4. Hopefully your plant can handle all that snow...the leaves remind me of a plant that grows around my region. The snow looks almost creamy in your shot...very nice.


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