Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Stills: Fade to Black

Thanks Ed and Linda for all the time you put into Sunday Stills!  I am a better photographer because of everyone that participates in Sunday Stills.   I have such a hectic life in the summer it is hard to post photos to the challenges..I will try harder!

The last challenge from Ed was Fade to Black.

Well who better to fade to black than Chance.

Chance Fade to black

Chance at Bass Lake, Becker County Minnesota.  Have a good week everyone:)


  1. I love this shot.....just a hint of sunset.....I know its sunset because I don't think Chance gets out swimming that early.

  2. Grreat photo! The intensity on Chances face, reflection, ripples & sunset - are just awesome!

  3. Gorgeous shot of Chance!

  4. Now THIS is truly a fade to black!



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