Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Stills: Big Sky

This week the Sunday Stills Challenge was Big Sky. 


Sunset Jan 18

Sunset Jan 17 2013

Big Sky two Jan 19

A storm front moved through yesterday.

Big Sky Jan 19

This morning it was –21 F or –29C..a tad chilly.  It will be colder tonight.  Have a good week everyone.  Stay warm:)


  1. Great sunset - I went to church this am at 6:30 and didn't look at the temp. Radio at DL said only -8 on the way to town. 225 had very hard drifts to go thru, but was plowed when I came home.

  2. Amazing photos. Wow, you are cold!

  3. Beautiful sunset!!! The sun looks like it's melting into the ocean!!!

  4. Excellent shots, stay warm up there..:-)

  5. Brrrr...won't complain about our single digit temps! Great shots too!

  6. Beautiful shots for the challenge, enjoyed a lot :)


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