Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunday Stills: Bridges

The challenge this week was bridges.

We have/had a footbridge in town.

The foot bridge

October 2013

It is a footbridge that leads from one small park to another across the Fish Hook River. 

Well in the name of progress it was removed.

The Foot Bridge was moved

November 2013

The new footbridge is suppose to be in place in the spring.  It will be much larger and have a longer span to enable the handicapped to walk over the bridge.


November 2013 This old rail road bridge is slated to be removed too.

Last year when we vacationed in Indiana I took some photos near the Blue River.  They just leave their bridges in place and let them grow old gracefully.

Blue River Bridge

November 2012

Blue River Bridge (2)


Then of course there are bridges over the Ohio.  I think the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge was closed when we were there.  It goes from Louisville Kentucky to Jeffersonville Indiana.

Bridge in Louisville

I hope you all have a great week.  It warmed up here!


  1. Beautiful bridge photos.

  2. Great shots, I really like the old bridge best..:-)

  3. Love the red rail on the footbridge, I hope they keep that! The last photo is amazing!

  4. The red bridge looks like intentional art but I love the older bridges that blend with the landscape, too. In Chattanooga, they took one of the wide traffic bridges that was closed to vehicles and made it into a very, very popular walking bridge.

  5. wow, great collection, that red really adds to the frame, and last but one shot reminds me of Jurassic Park 3 :)

  6. I hope the new one compares to the old one in quality and is a big improvement. Otherwise, bad mistake!!!!

  7. What a delightful red footbridge. Looks very cheerful and inviting!


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