Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photos for a Calendar

I need some help picking some photos to enter into a contest that our local electrical coop is having for their 2015 calendar.
Since it is an electrical coop calendar I have included quite a few shots of power lines.  The contest rules are a horizontal photo with no people and the photo must be taken within their service area.
Please leave me a comment with your choices to help me narrow it down.
I would like to enter ten photos for sure…there is no limit to the number of photos you can submit.
#1 Cornfield Fawn
Corn Field Fawn (3)
#2  Five Deer   This one was chosen!!
Deer in the field five (2)
#3 Early spring trees budding out at sunset
IMG_8908 (2)
#4 Power Pole
Power pole (2)
#5 The road home
The Road home (2)
#6 Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow (2)
#7 Double Rainbow and the road This one was chosen for the Front Cover!!
IMG_0365 (2)
#8 Sunset on the prairie in winter
Sunset on the prairie April 9 (2)
#9 Turkeys in the snow
Turkeys in the snow October 20 2013 (2)
#10 Power Poles along the road home
April 2013
#11 Chance on a frosty morning
Chance and a Frosty Morning February (2)
#12 Mississippi Headwaters
IMG_6553 (2)
#13 Snow Drifts
Snow bank (2)
#14 Turkeys in the corn
Turkeys in the corn three (2)
#15 Great Blue Heron on Fish Hook Lake
Great Blue heron on Fish Hook Lake (2)
#16 Dock on Bad medicine
Dock on Bad Medicine (3)
#17 Colorful Chairs
IMG_5419 (2)
#18 Fall Color
Fall colors on hwy 34 (2)
#19 Green Valley Fire
Green Valley Fire May 14 2013
#20 Turkeys in the hayfield
IMG_3526 (2)
#21 Red Barn and Twin Silos
IMG_4031 (2)
#22 Road Home sunset colors
IMG_4910 (2)
#23 Sunset
IMG_4147 (2)
#24 Sunflower Field  This one was chosen! 
IMG_6180 (2)
#25 Sunflowers and Sky
IMG_6335 (2)
#26 Early spring field
#27 Sunset on Shell River
Sunset on Shell River in May
#28 Geese on Long Lake
Long Lake Fog March 17 (2)
#29 Showy Lady Slippers
Lady Slippers and Peeking Bug (2)
#30 Smoky Hills
Smoky Hills September 18 (2)
Ack that is a bunch of photos.  I will have a hard time deciding…help me please.


  1. Oh my, Connie, all the pictures are just beautiful and it would be a very hard choice! I think that if it is a calendar for electric company I would want one with the power lines but that is up to you. I really had a hard time deciding but I think I would pick # 8 or 23 with power lines and if not then I would go with #28 because that one would look awesome on a calendar! I love them all though and it was a really hard choice!

  2. Goodness - they need a 3 year calendar!!

    Other than #19 which I wouldn't want to look at for a month - they are all "worthy" (in my opinion). I would select 24 over 25 and omit 16, 26 and 30 (but that's just my feeble opinion!)

  3. I do like #19 but only if it was small - - - like on a day of the week. My choices - - - first impressions - - - #3-Trees at sunset #8 Sunset/Prairie. #2 Five Deer. #5 Road Home. #7 Double Rainbow & Road #10 Power Poles Road Home #11 Chance #13 Snow Drifts #23 Sunflowers & Sky #29 Lady Slippers I like many of the others, too but the above jumped out at me strongest. I like some of the turkey shots but like the clarity of others better.

  4. Having lived with a line-foreman all my married life; now he is a board member for our local REA Electric company (the same company he worked for for 37 years--I pick all the ones with the power lines in them. I can't speak for your Electric Company, but ours here are always looking for dramatic photos of linemen working on the lines, the power lines themselves, and the community that they serve.

    Our REA-Delta Montrose Rural Electric loves photos that showcase the "rural" aspect of line work (the basis of what electric companies are all about) and shots of really complicate city work. So with these thoughts in mind I pick all the ones with the power poles and lines in them.

    So any of the following are outstanding 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 22, 23--- if you only want to pick one or two of these my choice would be--23, 8, and 7.

    To reflect the community they service I like 11, 15, 17, 21, 27, 30--if I had to narrow this down I pick 11--if you aren't snowy and tranquil and woodsy up there I don't know a place that is, and 17 and 27 as reflecting what I think of when I think of you!


  5. I chose eleven photos: 4 6 8 11 17 18 21 23 24 27 & 28 but I do love them all.

  6. Fantastic shots! Here are my choices: 3,8,9,12,14,19,21,27,28,29

    Good luck - when will you know the photos that are selected for the calendar?

    1. I have to submit the photos in August, I am not sure how long it will take for them to make a decision:)

  7. 14 and 17 and 11 are my favorites - but heck! Just submit them all. They are wonderful!

  8. Absolutely stunning photographs. I keep going back to them to have another look!! Recently discovered your blog and love it!

  9. I love them all! I am new to your blog, love it!

  10. Replies
    1. Nothing yet...other than they got the email with the photos:)

  11. The results are in #2, #7 and #24 were chosen along with another photo that I included at the last minute! :)


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