Monday, September 15, 2014

July Photos

Some of my best photos during July 2014

Belly deep in peas (2) July

A deer belly deep in a pea field.

Deer July

Another deer…we have plenty in this area of Minnesota.

Desoto July

A old Desoto a 1953 I think.

Fireweed July


Stormy skies in bemidji July 4

Stormy skies on the Midway in Bemidji Minnesota.


  1. I especially love the Ferris Wheel - - the dark sharp contrast against the lighter softer sky.

  2. They are all wonderful photos. The car is an interesting one. I need to dig up a shot of the whole car and see if I remember it.

  3. Marvelous photos. I love the last one.

  4. Love the one of the old car!! So sparkly!


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