Thursday, December 17, 2015

Family Photos in October

I took some photos of my brothers family.

Jody and cindy (2)

My other baby brother Jody and his wife Cindy.  They live right next door to us.

Jody and Cindy four kids (2)

They have four children, one son Josh who also lives next door and three daughters Megan, Katie and Stacey.

Jody kids (2)

Josh and Family (2)

Josh and family.

Katie and Family (2)

Katie and family.

Staceys Family (2)

Stacey and family.

Meg and Family (2)

Megan and family.

Jody Cindy and Grands (2)

Jody and Cindy with all their grands.

Jody whole group (2)

Their entire family.

Kids and spouses (2)

The kids and their spouses.

Mom and Dad with Jodys group (2)

My parents toward the center of the group above.

Five groups (2)

It was a fun day taking photos!

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