Friday, December 18, 2015

November Photos

These are some of my best November photos.

Nov 2 Ribbons of color

November 2 2015 Ribbons of color.

November 6 Mill Pond (2)

November 6 2015  The Millpond at Osage.

November Sunset deer Nov 7

Novemner 7, 2015  Deer at Sunset.

Nov 7 Chance

Chance November 7 2015

Nov 10 Funeral Rose

November 10 2015 A rose from a friend’s funeral.

The grands Nov 26

My Grandchildren better known as “The Grands”  November 26 2015.  Oldest to youngest.

November 27 Millpond

The Millpond at Osage  November 27 2015


  1. The photo of Chance is adorable.

    The deer silhouette is neat too!

  2. Wonderful photographs. October and November months are made for photographers, I think. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous photos Connie...;)

  4. Like that picture with the rose. What a contrast with the bark of the tree.

  5. I love cruising through your best photos! Delightful!


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