Saturday, August 29, 2015

July Photos

Here are some of my best photo taken in July.

Chance July 9

Chance July 9 “Back from a walk.”

Hummingbird JUly 7 2015


July 17 Michigan Lilies

Michigan Lilies in a nearby ditch  on July 17 2015

Savannah on her birthday

Savannah on her 19th birthday.

Sunflower field near Wadena Minnesota July 22 2015

Sunflower Field…one of my favorite subjects!

Mini Pearl Daylily July 22

Minnie Pearl Daylily  July 22 2015

Grasshopper July 24


Chevy Impala at the fair July 31

Chevy Impala at the fair on July 31 2015


  1. What wonderful photos, greetings!

  2. They really are all perfect photos. Great compositions done perfectly. I really am envious of that photo of Chance.

  3. Where you live is absolutely gorgeous! I've never been to Minnesota, looks Devine!
    Tammy x

  4. My pick is the beautiful orange lilies against an indistinct greyish background, just perfect to me.


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