Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Stills: Upside down

 Ack!  I tried taking an upside down was just easier to turn one around. 

Sunday Stills


  1. That's kind of cool- looks like a forest with a grey sky!

  2. Love it! I felt this way this morning!

  3. It does confuse the viewer. Interesting effect.

  4. The trees look really cool upside down. I thought about attempting to shoot a photo while doing a tripod/headstand, and then I came to my senses.

  5. Hung upside-down to take this one, eh? Ha. Windmill blades and a wagon wheel. It seems a shame to leave these things outside because wagon wheels, at least, are no longer being made... I could do without the snow.

  6. P.S. Connie, I lived in Richfield (which is adjacent to Mpls on its south side) for two winters, so I'm wondering if you're in the south, middle, or north part of the state. I sometimes heard Mpls referred to as the "Banana Belt," although it was certainly cold enough for someone like I who grew up near the Gulf of Mexico. Now, as you might recall, I'm in Oregon near the 45th parallel, but because of the moderating influence of the ocean, it seldom gets any colder here than it did where I grew up in Mississippi.

    I enjoyed your comment on my blog, but as for thanking me for dropping by your blog, I've followed your bog for many years. I clearly don't comment a lot, but I'm no stranger to your posts.

    1. North Central Minnesota Boonies between Fargo ND and Duluth, a little town nearby is named Osage:)


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