Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ellipsis Monday Photo Challenge #16: Autumn Meets Winter

Carly said show me Autumn meets Winter! OR Bows and Bells!
Autumn Met Winter awhile ago around here. I took this photo on Thanksgiving Day. The ducks were choosing a little Autumn and a little Winter...brrrr..
Since I went into my Archives for that photograph. I decided to show you a bow and a bell! This was taken out of my west window this afternoon. NOTE** We have more than a few flakes of snow on the ground!
The first one is without a flash, I like the way that the bow and the bell are silhouetted. No this bow and bell are not usually here, they belong on the Christmas Tree. I just wanted to show off the snowbanks! This piece of blown glass was a gift from a now famous Glassblower before he was famous. He was a poor apprentice and stayed at our Resort an entire summer. He made this as a gift for Far Guy.
A special Thank you and Merry Christmas to Carly and everyone else that participates in the Ellipsis Monday Photo Challenge! :)


  1. Hi Connie :)

    The first one is just wonderful. I like ducks, they make great subjects. The bow and the bell is fantastic! A bow and a bell in a ornament how cool is that? Well done m'dear!

    Always, Carly

  2. What a nice and interesting photo of the ball/bow...BOTH!
    Nice first shot too...


  3. I think I like the one without the flash best because you can see all the snow?those are snowbanks? I hope those are basement windows!


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