Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A - Z Challenge: S is for SNOW!

Thought I would show you some comparisons photos so you can get a good appreciation for SNOW! Keep your eye on my lawn bench near the now covered fire pit. The snow has not been moved in this area, it is what it is.

December 15 after the Snowstorm.

December 20, during the snowstorm.

I took this one late this afternoon, December 23, 2008. The bench is nicely camouflaged.

The birdbath, do you suppose it will disappear under the snow?

Thanks Martha at Menagerie for hosting the A-Z Challenge!

Hope you have a White Christmas! :)


  1. i have to admit snow is beautiful...great pix!

  2. At least you will have a white christmas, great pics, stay warm...Ed

  3. You've enough to share with Arizona by the looks of it. We've at least go some but not nearly as much. Keep warm and have a Merry Christmas...................try not to get stuck either;)

  4. That sure looks like a lot of beautiful snow! Merry Christmas!

  5. Snow is beautiful and you look like you have plenty to admire, LOL. Great shots.

  6. I love love love....snow laying between and on trees! Great Shots!

  7. Beautiful! It makes me cold just looking at it! Sorry I'm running so late, been so sick these last couple weeks. I'm working on getting caught up today. The linking list will be up soon. Hope your holidays were happy! :-)


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