Friday, March 27, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #30: Things That Float

Carly wanted us to photograph things that were floating. I found a few this week. It was a watery kind of week.
Ice chunks floating on the Shell River on Friday, March 27.
Some boats floating with the high water on Monday, March 23.

Some foam floating on the Shell River today, March 27.


  1. I imagine with all the water you have up there right now, there's a lot of stuff floating, LOL.

  2. That's some cold looking water! Great photos and great choices for this week's theme!

  3. Okay, here's the answer to your question. On (you'd think I am getting paid by them huh!), under create, you can add text. So I just add my name, fade it out some and place it on there. So so easy!

  4. Hello Connie :)

    Brrr... it gave me a chill looking at these photos, they are just beautiful! I wish I lived in a colder place sometimes. I would love to go play in the snow, with the kittens. Maybe someday. Until then I have your lovely photographs to enjoy. Thanks so much for playing this week.

    Always, Carly

  5. Cold-looking but definitely floating items. Nice job!

  6. I hope the ice is gone soon. Good shots though!

  7. Love shots...I am on my way to make hot chocolate.


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