Friday, April 3, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #31: Footprints

How much longer must I wear my snow boots?

Here are my footprint photos, I took them in the Walmart parking lot on Wednesday April 01, 2009. Yes, some are slushy..some are was no April Fools Joke either. Thank you Carly at Ellipsis for hosting this challenge. The question this week: Which do you find more challenging to photograph..children or animals. Animals..especially wild ones..I try my best. Kids I can usually bribe with cookies! :)


  1. Hi Connie :)

    Brrrrrrr... it's still snowing in your part of the country? I bet you are really looking forward to the summer months. :) Neat footprints!


  2. Will this snow ever stop so all the flowers can come up?

  3. Your snow looks deeper than mine and longer lasting.:)

  4. The prints look fairly deep -- that kind of snow would halt things in my part of the country until it melted off. LOL! Great shots!


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