Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Stills: Boots or Shoes

This weeks challenge was boots or shoes.  The photos I chose are empty boots..soldiers empty boots.


These were  at The Vietnam Traveling Wall Memorial  a year ago from my archives.

Saluting Empty Boots

I took this photo a few weeks ago at a local Vietnam Memorial Ceremony. 

This is the “battlefield cross” a fallen soldiers helmet, rifle, boots and bayonet which are no longer of use to him.   This is what replaced the flag covered caskets that we used to see on the nightly news.  Don’t kid yourself, the flag draped caskets are still coming back..we are just not permitted to see them:( 


  1. such a solemn ceremony. Do they do this every year.

  2. Yours are so special....thanks for posting them.

  3. So touching - These photos help to remind me that life is so precious - these fallen soldiers gave their all!

  4. God bless all soldiers. I was wondering if anyone was going to do "empty boots".

  5. nice job, always good to remember them fallen soldiers.

  6. Emotional post....solemn photos.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Seeing those boots like that can tear me up in a second. Whether in an annual ceremony or a recent one in Iraq or Afghanistan, they are an unmatched tribute to those who keep us free.

  8. Your boots are special....very!

  9. "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.."

    Simply supplements

  10. that's a special post. I didn't know we couldn't see the caskets draped with the American flag. My goodness, why not?

  11. Brenda, Since 1991, the Pentagon has banned the media from taking pictures of caskets being returned to the United States.
    There has been some talk of allowing the photos again IF the soldiers family agrees.
    Personally, I see it as a way to diminish the death toll:(


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