Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Stills: From the heart

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge was to be from the heart.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed..but Chance has a heart.

Chance June 27 2008

This is an old photo from 2008.  He had just been groomed!

Chance and his heart in the snow

I took this photo January 06, 2012.

It was a rotten week ..however Chance is a patient model and last night we got a few photos.

chance and his black heart

Chance side view

I think this may be his best side!  He is a dog with a big heart who loves everyone he meets, my husband and I Heart him very much:)


  1. Well now if that's not the perfect subject...Great pics.

  2. Bet he's the kindest black hearted guy out there ;)

  3. Now that's really neat. Chance wears his heart on his chest! :)

  4. Perfect, and what wonderful shots! He is a very lovely boy!

  5. I've never noticed this heart before, and I've seen all your photos of Chance. Seeing it now makes Chance even more beautiful in my eyes.

  6. Chance met the challenge in the most perfect way. Love it!

  7. Of course he has a heart....he has two. A big heart and a fur heart!

  8. that is perfect! He always shows you his heart!

  9. How perfect is that! I tried to get photos of Rio's heart marking, but he wouldn't cooperate. Chance is beautiful.

  10. oh yes, true!! he is carrying it :), i loved that.

  11. Wonderful! He shows his heart everywhere!!!



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