Saturday, January 10, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge: "Camera Resolutions"

This week the challenge was: Think of three photo themes. Pick one and photograph it. Share the other two theme ideas.

My three theme ideas are: A flowering tree or shrub, a road/street sign and going for a walk. I chose to show going for a walk, and had to go to my archives to pick one picture that made me smile.

One day last spring I enjoyed a walk with my twin great nephews who live next door.

I always enjoy seeing what the other Robins have come up with! Follow along if you like, join us sometime, it is an easy challenge..however your photographic entry should be posted within a twenty four hour period on a specific date:)


  1. Hi Connie :)

    Great suggestions! That picture made me smile this morning, they are so cute! Thanks for the suggestions for the challenge pool, I will be looking forward to these!

    Always, Carly

  2. Great themes. I like the photo you posted!
    appy wekend


  3. I like your theme ideas. They will be fun and challenging to do. I especially enjoyed your picture -- it's adorable!

  4. how sweet they look headed down that road!

  5. That looks like a great place for a walk and you had good company. Good ideas that you shared.


  6. I like your themes. Going for a walk can evoke so much. Journeys, paths, the road less taken...or it can just be a walk!

  7. Cool themes! Going for a walk is a great one.

  8. I like your ideas, and the picture is great! Thanks!

  9. I always like a nice path shot...especially with folks walking on it. 2 cuties it seems!


  10. Love the photo of those two little guys approaching a crossroads. Nice!

    Great ideas, too.

  11. What a great shot! My twin boys are now 23, and this pic brings back happy memories.



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