Saturday, January 24, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Not Of This Season

A Fisherwoman!

I took these photos several years ago when our entire family took a houseboat vacation up on Lake Kabetogama in Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. They fit the "Not Of This Season" Challenge for me! Check out the other Robins, to see where they want to escape to!

My Grandkids, and part of our group fishing in the background. Chance is on the lookout for minnows, he loved watching them in the water.

Do Dogs need a Fishing License? :)


  1. Hi Connie :)

    BIG SMILE. Oh what a beautiful summer day. :) A happy puppy, and some happy kids makes for a perfect day, far away from the cold, brisk days of winter. PERFECT!


  2. Makes my feel warm just looking at them, Chance is a true fisherdog..:-)

  3. Such neat photos! The little fisherwoman is cute and looks comfy on a warm summer day in her swimsuit. Chance was an adventurous doggie! You have warmed me up!

  4. Your daughter (?) has a beautiful smile. Nice warm feeling photos.


  5. Looks like a perfect summer's day was enjoyed by all!

  6. Great pictures. Looks like a fun time. I like Chance looking for minnows. Helen

  7. Nice shots. They certainly convey hot weather!

  8. Aw! I always love your pictures of Chance! What a great dog!


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