Saturday, June 27, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge : Wildlife

Wildlife! This challenge was suggested by both Nancy and Gina for the Round Robin Photo Challenge. I decided to go out on a limb with this one and show you a rookery. These photos are from May 10, 2009.
We visited a local rookery back in May. Great Blue Herons nest in colonies called a heronry or a rookery. They construct their nests high in the trees, away from predators.

Males build the nest of sticks and line it with reeds, moss and grass. They will refurbish and use old nests. They are sloppy haphazard builders. Most often they choose dead trees to build their nests in.

Once the eggs are laid, both parents incubate the eggs. Three to seven eggs are laid per nest, but only one or two chicks will survive. They only feed the strongest chicks, and the others starve to death. ( I know, I know, sad isn't it, survival of the fittest.) Herons mate for life, but they only spend the nesting season together, when they head south for the winter, they go alone..kind of like separate vacations.

I took this photo on June 20, 2009 a Great Blue Heron was standing on a submerged log fishing:)
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  1. wow, that was interesting to learn about the herons; didn't realize they were selective in who they fed and who they didn't; great pictures!!


  2. Thanks for sharing these great photos! Over here in Hong Kong, it's hard to capture wildlife especially in the setting you've choosen.

    Well done!!

  3. These are very interesting pictures. I had no idea about how they built their nest. Thank you for sharing, I learned something new today.

  4. What an interesting place to visit! We have a bird preserve not too far from us, as well, but the birds that predominate it are Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese. Last time I went there, though, I did see a couple herons, as well. Aren't birds so interesting?! Thanks for sharing your day at the rookery.

  5. LOVED, LOVED these photos! They are one of my favorite birds.
    Thanks for the education on them too.

  6. I have never seen anything like this! So interesting - the facts and the photos. Thanks for sharing :)

    The Duchess

  7. Hi Connie :)

    The Great Blue Heron... one of my very favorite birds. Lovely. Gorgeous! Well done!


  8. How fascinating to see these pictures of the nests and birds and learn so much about them. Great blue herons are among my favorite birds. Thanks for sharing so much information!

  9. Love all the photos especially the ones of the nests!

  10. It's great seeing wildlife in it's natural habitat. For a city dweller, I had to go to a zoo for this challenge. It's much easier finding wildlife there willing to be one model, rather than stalking around parks which don't have many wildlife, except maybe birds.

  11. you're photos are lovely
    i love nature
    p.s adding you to my blogroll :)


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