Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Stills: Potluck

Hello everyone!  I have really missed the Sunday Stills Challenges.  I am going to try harder to make time for them.  I am working almost full time, and my “fun” time is limited to late nights and early mornings.  Thanks goodness it is seasonal and come October 01 I will be footloose and fancy free again.  I accepted a position as Executive Director at a local Historical Museum. 

The Museum May 18 The Museum May 18, 2011

Now on to the potluck challenge!

IMG_3300Chance and I were stalking a chipmunk, of course he wanted to kill it, I just wanted to get some great shots..I liked this one.

And now for some real potluck..


Have a great week everyone, I will try to get around and see some of your photos this week! :)


  1. lovely photos, the little guy on the tree is pretty cute

  2. So glad to see you back! Great catch on the chipmunk. :)

  3. Perfect! Love both the chipmunk and the pots.

  4. Chipmunk looks as if he has his eyes covered for anonymity. :-p
    I like the pots on the fence: there's history in everything.

  5. That chipmunk is cute. I hate that they eat my flowers but they are too cute to do anything about. I like the pots on the fence as well!


  6. Congratulations on your new job!
    Good shot of the chipmunk.

  7. Great shots, congrats on the new job..:-)

  8. The chipmunk shot made me smile. The potluck photo cracked me up! lol!

    Congrats on the new job!


  9. Nice capture of the chipmunk. I like the idea of the lids and pots hanging on the fence, funny. Have to share that with Armywife.


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