Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stills: The letter F

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was the letter archives.

We went out for a ride last evening after supper.  We were searching for some F’s.

Ferris Wheel Seat and Chance July 09 2011

Wait just a minute..we have a Ferris Wheel Seat right outside the door.  Chance graciously sat for a photo.   My husband bought a number of these seats in Wisconsin and restored this is a great place to sit and read a book..or just relax. 

We headed for the fields.

Flying over the fields

The crop sprayer was flying over the potato fields.  These potato's are made into French Fries the ones that stand up straight in the box.

On our way back home we saw a far away fawn and her mother.

Far Away Fawn

Field, forest and a fawn ..have a great week everyone:)


  1. The Ferris wheel seat is very unique and so colorful! I love all your photos today! Mildred

  2. Oh, my, beyond perfect! I love the seat! Love them all really, but the Ferris wheel seat is just too cool.

  3. I loved them all! Especially the ferris wheel seat, how very cleaver. And, who doesn't want a French fry that doesn't stand up straight!! :)

  4. aww a fawn, how lucky & cute

  5. Have to say I also love the Ferris Wheel seat! What a clever idea! Would love to have one of those myself!


  6. I love the ferris wheel seat. How cool is that?! Great shots. : )

  7. I love the idea of restoring ferris wheel seats to use as benches. Chance is so handsome sitting there!

  8. I'm like Threecollie.......that seat would be a WONDERFUL addition to my yard!!

  9. Oh wow! That Ferris wheel seat is so awesome! What a great way to recycle them, too. I love items that are unusual and unique and have a story to tell.
    Chance is the perfect addition to that photo, too. Red, white and black are very stunning together.


  10. Wow, what a neat seat. Nice job on restoring it. Great shots.


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