Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Stills: Bird Stalking

The challenge this week was to stalk some birds.

This was my best shot all week.

Downy Woodpecker

A Downy Woodpecker that frequents our yard:)


  1. And isn't it a wonderful one!

  2. Yeeeeey!! am not sure how many knowz my fav' cartoon of all times, the wooooooody woodpecker. Great shot.

  3. Good one....I saw a woodpecker last night but no close enough either to photograph or to tell which kind.

  4. That is an excellent shot! I have one that is in the old standard apple tree, but he doesn't let me photograph him. I need to not have the dogs close by, I'm sure they are the reason!


  5. Good shot, Connie. The downy's are one of my most regular backyard visitors.. :)

  6. Winters with heavy snow brings these birds into town. Otherwise we rarely see them. Last your for a couple weeks we had one at the feeder. Great shot.


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