Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Stills: Hand Tools

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was Hand Tools.

Hand tools one

These are some of my hand tools.

Hand Tools two

These are some of my favorite wood carving knives.  My old standby a Palmer, a Mike Shipley, and the other two were made by my husband.  I help him form the walnut handles so they feel real nice in your hand.  Making knife handles is an is making knives.  I make birch bark sheathes for all my knives.  ( That is my favorite knife under that has a busted tip and needs to be reshaped and sharpened.)

Tools and bark carvings


I like to carve little houses/churches/buildings out of Cottonwood bark..the thicker the better.  Underneath the knives is my carving glove,  I wear it on my left hand, and I wear vet wrap on my right thumb..just in case.  I belong to a wood carving group, we meet once a week and carve.  Have a good week everyone!  I put up the last two challenges Easter and Trains..I wanted to catch up! :)


  1. Love the textures in this photo. The handles look so smooth. My mom would have loved your little houses. She collected them and set up little villages on tabletops.

  2. Really nice. I'd like to see more of your work. :) Chuck won't let me do wood carving as he says I'll cut myself and bleed to death!!!

  3. Great shots and carvings..:-)

  4. The textures are great. Setting the knives on the glove really works.
    Love your carvings, too.
    PS glad to see I'm not the only one who's missed a few challenges

  5. Nice- I like the wood grain in the handle of your favorite knife.

  6. What a perfect topic for you and so fun to see the tools of your craft (and some results)!!!!

  7. These are beautiful. I keep thinking I would like to try wood carving, but I don't think my wrists would take it. Looks like fun though.

  8. Nice photos, and beautiful tools! How cool is it that you (and your husband) make the tools, you use to make things. You are so talented!!

  9. Those are beautiful, and I love that you make then handles yourself.
    Lovely looking carved houses too. I haven't seen any like that before.

  10. These are beautiful. Fantastic job:) Greetings

  11. It's cool you make your own handles! Your art is outstanding!



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