Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Stills : Shades of Blue

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was Shades of Blue.Globe Thistle

I have some Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro) blooming.

Spirit Lake

Shades of blue water, sky and water tower on Spirit Lake ay Menahga Minnesota.

Now to catch up.  I have been taking photos…I just have been too busy to post them.

Here are my catch up photos from the last four challenges.


Motorcycle Sunday Stills

Looking Down: A newly married couple down on the dock.

Looking Down Sunday Stills



Chain Sunday Stills



I don’t do too much in photoshop.  Sometimes I tweak the color or exposure a bit and crop.

Corn Field Fawn (2) 

Here is the original photo. 

Corn Field Fawn

A black and white rendition.

Corn Field Fawn Black and white

I am going to try to keep up once again, I have five more weeks of work and then the museum closes for the winter.  I am looking forward to a break.  Have a good week everyone:)


  1. Those are all great photos! I especially like the thistle and the chain.

  2. Great shots! Welcome back..:-))

  3. Wonderful! Love the thistles especially and all the wonderful catch ups.

  4. Loved the blue thistles. Nice job on them all. :)

  5. Love your blues & your catch-ups are great!

  6. I enjoy your photos so much. I'm a sucker for anybody's wedding the newlyweds.

  7. Wow, hats off to the first shot, brilliant one

  8. All great shots! Love the blue thistles and the original deer photo the most.

  9. They are great shots. Photoshop helps me take out the background junk that I didn't take time to move out of the way. I liked the wedding scene on the dock. It was a great effect. Winter seems to be a better blogging time for me as the outside work cuts down.


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