Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sunday Stills: Fence

 We have an old fence, it used to separate the wildgardens from the parking lot. 

Usually the wildgardens would be full of yellow and purple flowers, with the drought the wildflowers didn't do much this year.

Sunday Stills 


  1. Nice pic of your split rail fence! Beautiful setting, complete with rustic windmill (my fav kind).

  2. Parking lot? Was that when you had your greenhouse/plant business? It still looks pretty.

  3. Hello Connie, we do miss our dogs don't we? Lily was my last one. My son who wants to give me orders now that I'm 80 says no more big dogs that can pull me off my feet. I can have a doodle dog little the size of a small cat sitting on my lap. I don't think so. No way. Maybe I'll get a goldfish for excitement. I hope you and your guy are doing better or at least he is doing not worse. I spent 10 years taking care of Barb and her dementia chronic illnesses in a spouse can wear you down to the bone but the sickness and health loud till death do us part is what cheer doing a good marriage take care Connie and be safe


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