Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Stills: Dogs

 Since we no longer have a dog, we give our attention to my brothers dog Baxter.

This is his one year old photo.  He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd...he is a character and a work in progress. 

We miss our Chance every day.

He was the best Border Collie ever.

He was my husbands best friend. 

He was with us many years and was well loved. 

We are "dog people" so not having a dog is hard.  We have no plan to get another dog. 

Sunday Stills


  1. That photo of FG and Chance just gets me.
    Love those dogs.

  2. Baxter seems to be a perfect name for him. I can see he is a character.

  3. Beautiful dogs, wonderful photos. Sorry about your loss

  4. Great photos, of both beautiful dogs!

  5. Baxter is a beauty.... but Chance was special. Thank you fo posting photos of him.

  6. They don't 1ive 1ong enough. Im so so sorry

  7. Baxter is pretty cute. And Chance... what a gorgeous dog. I'm so sorry he's gone


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