Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Stills: Holiday Lights

Check out Sunday Stills for many more photographs of Holiday Lights. I struggled with the light, this was the best shot I got using the stairs to hold my camera still. Then I followed Ed's suggestion and purchased a tripod. I need some practice! I find the tripod stiff and inflexible ..duh! Guess that's what gives you better photographs of lights at night. I am anxious to try the tripod outside at twilight, with the moon as my subject. Anyway this was my best shot using the tripod:)


  1. So are you using flash? I can't tell, but maybe try turning off the flash, and set the camera to tungsten light. What kind of lights do you have in the house, incandescent, or florescent? I am still in the early stages of experimenting with indoor light photos. But I have had some success with the tungsten or indoor settings, it gives a lovely golden glow, keep practicing. And maybe google some sites on indoor photography. You are getting there! I look forward to seeing more.


  2. I had trouble shooting inside too. I ended up turning off the flash and just shooting candles. I had a few white lights but they just didn't have "punch" to them. I guess practice makes perfect.

  3. tripods do take some getting use to. i rarely use one even when i should. lol but even when using a tripod, if your camera has a delayed shutter release, that helps get a sharper picture, too.


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