Monday, October 13, 2008

Macro Monday: Hibiscus

Lisa has the Macro Monday Challenge check her out! I always have trouble with close up shots. So by joining this challenge maybe I will improve. I am not even sure if this qualifies as macro enough for the I would appreciate feedback!

This is a Hibiscus, that was potted up and on a patio at the neighbors, it was so healthy and perfect to photograph:)


  1. I LOVE Hibiscus! In fact I have a few photos I need to look at but I'm sloooow. :) Love it! Thanx for joining in. :)

  2. great pictures, I enjoyed the N post.

  3. Great shot, hot pink is a really difficult shot for the cameras to make. You did well.

  4. They are such pretty flowers.
    Pioneer Woman's site was just discussing macro shots using a point and shoot camera. The pictures are amazing.
    I will have to look into these photo challenges you suggested. They look like fun!


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