Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Populus deltoides

This "Aspen" is showing off! It is really Populus deltoides...we call it piss popple here in Minnesota. WHY?? When you cut a popple into firewood, throw it into a fire it spits and sputters and droplets of water come out. It has little to no heat (BTU)value. It grows well in Minnesota..and in the last few years it has been used inside cottages. The logs are cut, planed and sawed into tongue and groove boards, a much better use for the trees than firewood. People in Colorado call this tree Aspen, or Quaking Aspen or just Quakies...sounds a bit better than piss popple:)

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  1. Piss popple is a much more colorful name than aspen. I think I'll be using that one:)


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