Saturday, October 18, 2008

Round Robin Photo Challenge:Your Hometown!

Chance Welcomes you to Osage! August 2008

Welcome to Osage, Minnesota! I was not born here because Osage has no Hospital. I grew up on a farm six miles from Osage, and we now live three miles from Osage.

The entire township (35.8 square miles) has a population of 774. They must have done this census in the summer! It is a "lake" area, along with big farms..most of the small farmers are gone. I went to school in Osage, first to sixth grade. There is no picture of the school that I went to from 1st to 4th grade..because it is now a condo complex..I did not take a picture of it because I am in denial. So as far as "Home Towns" this is as close as I get.

Coming into Osage from the east...we had been to the bigger town of Park Rapids and were on our way home. Cindy Q's is on the left ( Cafe and Gas Station) Lymburner Awning ( A Family business that used to make Awnings..the young man that runs it has been sent to Bosnia and Iraq so many times that it is barely surviving) on the right.

This is the public beach, where I went to swimming lessons when I was little, it did not look like this way back when. It looks great now! It is a Lions Club Project and is a great safe place to swim.

Got MILK ? If you need it you can get it here!

Need Stamps?

The local pub, and bait shop.

Grace Community Church and the Community Center
The Community Center, this was where I went to school for 5th and 6th Grade. The building was divided into two rooms each with a cloak hall. It did have indoor bathrooms..but there were a couple of outhouses out back! We walked to the other school for Gym and Lunch. Far Guys Grandmother belonged to a group of women called the "Chatterbug Club".. these ladies banded together and raised funds to restore this building. The bell you see out front was donated by his Grandmother. The building is used as a meeting place for the Lions, Sportsman's Club, 4-H, Osage Township and Senior Citizens meetings and meals.
Riverside Cemetery founded in 1883....a sad but beautiful place where family, friends and neighbors are buried. Some of my ashes will be here..the others scattered in my favorite places.
We headed out of town on the gravel road..headed toward home. Those are the Smoky Hills in the background...hills always in view from the farm where I grew up. I cannot see them from my home because we have way to many trees!

Now If you blink twice you might miss the little town of Osage but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss this sign on the pub!

Thanks to Marie of Photographs and Memories for this idea for The Round Robin Challenge. Are you curious where all the other "Robins" home towns are. I sure am! Thanks for coming along to my hometown! :)


  1. Ok that is too funny! Eat here get gas and worms! I love the Pub and bait shop combined too...
    Fun post of Osage!!

  2. Awwww....Chance is such a good boy isn't he. Just sittin' pretty. He makes an excellent mascot for Osage. Your swimming beach is great to. Looks like a marvy town.

  3. That was wonderful! Thanks for the field trip! I love those.....

  4. chance is a beauty and so is osage. :) had to look twice at the diner sign. lol good job!

  5. Wow! So that's where you and the Far Guy live! You did a great job showing us what it really feels like to be there. I love it!

  6. Great post! I loved the walk through, even though I now have gas AND worms, ha!


  7. Thanks for the nice tour through your home town ! It's so interesting to me to see all these different places ! I like the Pub, lol !

  8. What a wonderful tour of a picturesque small town, so very different from everywhere I've ever lived. Thanks!

  9. Love that last sign! Osage looks like a sweet little town. :)

  10. This is great, visiting everyones town & we don't have to leave our homes!
    Thanks for sharing your town!


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