Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge : Winter

This is my entry for The Bloggers Community Photo Challenge. The challenge is winter. I have a little of winter to share! :)

Height of Land Lake, Minnesota nearly sunset on December 03, 2008

Newly fallen snow on January 04, 2009 in our yard.


  1. These are wonderful snow shots, beautiful virgin snow...Ü
    The reason why some images enlarge & some don't MIGHT be how they are uploaded. "I THINK" if you directly upload it & it's a large size, it will be large. My photos usually are uploaded first on Flickr, so that might just take you to flickr. I am not sure.;( sorry~

  2. Very nice shots. If you go back and edit/correct any typing errors, the images often will not enlarge.

  3. Is there anything more glorious than new snow and sun?

  4. Beautiful winter scenes - I have a ton of photos I could use - so tired of winter "scenery" and longing for some green!!

  5. Beautiful winter shots, I esp love the one with all the trees, it speaks to me. And thanks for your comments on my blogs and entering my giveaway! :)


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