Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Stills: Rule of Thirds

Chance in the top third.
Sunset on September 03, 2009 which just happened to be all lined up on the bottom third.

Rules..I don't like them..but I guess IF it makes me a better photographer I can live with them. This week these were my best two shots for this Sunday Stills Challenge. I am so anal, I actually made some pieces of paper that are all lined off into nine equal sections and I can hold them up to my photos in my editing program and see if they are even close.. this must be truly sick. Anyone else out there that will admit to doing the same thing?? :)


  1. um, er, well, yes (sad isn't it?)
    there is a grid setting on my camera, but I never remember to use it.
    your shots are great - really like that sunset through the irrigation thingies.

  2. That second shot is gorgeous!
    Chance is a cutie. Such focus!

    I took photography in high school and learned rule of thirds, but I forgot about it until this challenge...or did I?
    I was looking over old photos over the years and noticed that most of my photos employ rule of thirds.
    So....did I retain that information from high school...or is rule of thirds just done unconsciously because it just seems correct and a more interesting way to take a photo?

    Veeerrrryyy interesting!



  3. Great shots, that sunset is spectacular..:-)

  4. Well done :D Amazing sunset! Love it :)

  5. Very nice sunset, I'm with you on the rules.

  6. Great photos. Love the dog, but that sunset is wonderful!!

  7. wow a hot pink sun, that's wicked :D

  8. Hahaha, you are so funny with your commentaries, but the sunset is so spectacular. I wish I could be as close as you to capture the sunset!

  9. Such a lovely sunset! The color is spectacular.

  10. Cool photos, I LOVE the first one, very cool!

  11. Love the irrigation lines, with the sunset, and of course I love Chance.

    I think that rules are made to be broken, just shoot more photos, ignore the rule of thirds, he he, and somehow it becomes a non thought. You will just do it. And if it is a little too "off" try cropping it.

    Did you ever download Picassa? A wonderful program, safe and free.


  12. Great pics! I have a soft spot for Border Collies and the sunset is beautiful.


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